A kids poem illustration for "Eleven from Eight Equals One Robot."

A “Head Noogies” kids poem for you, the Mom and Dad challenged…enjoy!


A kids poem by Terofil Gizelbach

Copyright Terofil Gizelbach, 2013


One robot, two robots, three robots, four…

Run quick! Scoot! I gotta shut the door!

Five robots, six robots, seven robots, eight…

Get a wrench fast, I hope its not too late!

Eight robots, seven robots, six and now just five…

I’m taking ‘em apart, you bet, as fast as they arrive!

Four clankers, three ‘clinkers, two ‘bots, an’ now just one…

What’ll I do with all this robot junk…it must weigh a ton!

Oh gosh, to get it all out, I’ll need this one robot plus ten…

C’mon now, you robot—help me put ‘em all back together again!



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