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“Five-Minute Escape”


Copyright Terofil Gizelbach, 2013


“He doesn’t look like much,” said the Professor. “I mean, he’s a little rusty, isn’t he?”

Suzy, who was five and quite sweet but who could also be very decisive, frowned. “I don’t care. I want him. He’s what we need and you said I could pick our robot. So I pick him!”

“Told you,” said Bobby, pushing his sandy hair back under a Luna Stratoblaster’s baseball cap. “She won’t budge, Dad. Don’t think I didn’t try.”

“But, Sue-sweetie,” the Professor persisted, “wouldn’t you be happier with that one over there, the silver one? I mean, this one’s all old and beat up, he’s leaking fluid all over the floor, and he smells funny–”

“Actually,” said the salesman, “this TDY-7 is last year’s demo model. There was some minor damage in the showroom, but nothing a little buffing out won’t cure. Tell you what, I’ll give you a great price because he’s, er, (koff-koff) gently used and I like you. Two-percent off, and I’ll throw in a radium toaster.”

“Hmm,” said the Professor. “Look, Suzy,” he said, turning away from the salesman, “You don’t really want this outdated pile, do you? You want that nice new shiny silver TDY-8 right over here, or maybe that fancy red one with the super-mag grippers—”

Suzy’s frown cut into her dimples. “I want my robot! This one! You promised!”

The Professor looked at Bobby, who looked at the salesman, who looked at the Professor, who looked at Suzy and then at the ceiling and sighed.

Suzy ignored her father–who was now arguing with the salesman–and smiled.

I think I’ll call you “Teddy.” She said, taking the robot’s hand.





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