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OK, it’s time to shake things up! Frankly, I’m not much of a traditional blogger. What I am is a writer of fiction, for both kids and adults. So why shouldn’t I do what I’m best at doing?

The future of this blog will be the short-short story–with an emphasis on escape. No, not of the Alcatraz or Sing-Sing variety, but rather an escape of the mind. In this new type of blog, I will attempt to take you from a faraway planet back to Earth again. I will transport you from a wooly mastadon hunt to thousands of years in the future and then back again to the twenty-first century. Mini adventures. Mini Sci-Fi. Mini History. Mini Fantasy. Mini-escape. That’s what you can expect.

Each short-short story will be kept under 1500 words; most will clock in at about 500. Each will allow you to log on, take a fast trip, and get back quick to what you should have been doing in the first place…though hopefully the experience will stay with you long after you have moved on to something else.

Please let me know if you like my short-short story concept. Also, I’d like to get a feel for what type short-short story you are intersted in seeing. And, as always, thank you for your time!

Terry Gizelbach