This is the second in a series of Kid’s Poem blogs aimed at you, the Mom and Dad challenged. Enjoy!



A Kid’s Poem by Terofil Gizelbach

(From “1313 Crabapple Street”)

Copyright Terofil Gizelbach, 2012

There’s an old oak tree where I like to play,

In a leafy glade, on a sunny day.

I call him Old Pete—

‘Cause all trees, y’know, have names.

He’s never told me what his is…

But I call him ‘Ol Pete just the same.


There’s a noisy Jay-bird nestng in Ol’ Pete;

He scolds the kids, living on my street.

I call him “Screamin’ J.”

‘Cause all birds, y’know, have names.

I’m sure he’s called me a few…

But I like Screamin’ J. just the same.


A great horned Owl lives in ‘Ol Pete’s bole,

And hooty-hoots at night, from his hole.

I call him Einstein.

‘Cause all Owls, y’know, are wise.

He’s smart just like his name;

I can see it in Einstein’s eyes


I never get tired of playing by Ol’ Pete.

Or if I do, I smile and take a grassy seat.

I call it my quiet time.

It’s good, y’know, to have nothing to say.

My friends understand without all the talk…

Pete, Einstein, and my Screamin’ J.


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