dino 2A kids poem for you, the Mom and Dad challenged…enjoy!


A kids poem by Terofil Gizelbach

Copyright Terofil Gizelbach, 2012


Run for your life!




Are those Tyrannosaurus footsteps?

ARRRGH! I’m moving wa-aay too slow!

How’d I get in such a predicament?

How’d I get in such a mess?

It’s Teacher’s fault, she sent me here…

Out of pure nastiness!

The “Time Corrector” was set back only an hour or two, she said

But now I’m miles back in the Cretaceous, an inch from nearly dead!

So I filched Suzy’s ruler!

So I boxed Edgar’s ears!

Is that any reason to send me back

Nearly sixty million years?

Snapping raptor fangs behind me! Ahead Ankylosaurus’ club!

No way Teacher made a mistake!

No way this is a flub!

Watch out for Triceratops’ horns! Are those Pteranodons circling overhead?

Maybe this is just a dream…

Yeah, maybe I’m still in bed!

Uh-oh, the ground is shaking; I hear T-Rex’s roar!

Gotta run even faster!

But my legs are getting sore…

Teacher, I promise I’ll be better! I promise I’ll behave!

What’s that half a mile ahead?

Could it be a cave?

Skitter-scat for safety!

I won’t be T-Rex’s lunch!

Yeah, I’m almost there…

…Oh! Oh, darn!




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