File0020A head noogies kids poem for you, the Mom and Dad challenged…enjoy!


A kids poem by Terofil Gizelbach

Copyright Terofil Gizelbach 2013

In the kingdom of Foodles

In the county of Zusk

Lived two Foodle-ites

Named Zenvie and Pusk.


Pusk didn’t like Zenvie

Zenvie didn’t like Pusk

Both were filled with envy

Of the other Foodle-ites’ stuff.


Zenvie bought a thuddle-whumper

Pusk bought one bigger

Zenvie bought a thing-ama-job

Pusk bought a thing-ama-jigger


Zenvie bought a shiny new bubble-car

Pusk bought a bubble-car bus

Zenvie bought a beach-walker-boat

But Pusk’d bought one first.


Pusk bought a brand new home

Then Zenvie bought one too

Pusk put in a grassy green lawn

But Zenvie had his lawn painted blue


They spent and spent and tried and tried

The other each other to out do

And then went broke at the end of the month

When all the bills were due.


Last I heard of those two silly Foodles

They were locked in a heated spat.

To see which one would starve away first

It’s a good thing that Foodle-ites are fat.



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