clam2A kids poem for you, the Mom and Dad challenged…enjoy!



A kids poem by Terofil Gizelbach

 Copyright Terofil Gizelbach, 2013




…If I were sandy, as sandy as they,

I’d be too scratchy to run, too itchy to play.

I’d have sand in my ears, sand in my nose;

And another five pounds trapped in my clothes.

Dad says “They like it,” But I think that’s all blab…

Fill a bucket with water, I’m washing a crab.


If I were scattered, as scattered as they,

I’d be jumping in circles, and running astray.

I’d hop, leap, and bounce (if I had a wall),

With no more direction than a red rubber ball.

Mom says: “They’re dirty—leave them alone please,”

But I think it’s time to start herding sand fleas.


If I were grumpy, as grumpy as they,

I’d kick shells at the gulls; I’d throw trash in the bay.

I’d put sand in Mom’s lotion, and water Dad’s towel;

I’d be cross all day, my mood would be foul.

Dad says: “It’s okay; they don’t mean it a bit,”

But I disagree, I’m teaching clams not to spit.



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