No Second Banana                                 A kids poem aimed at you, the Mom and Dad challenged. Enjoy!



A Kids Poem by Terofil Gizelbach

Copyright Terofil Gizelbach, 2012


A banana spoke with another banana and argued with Mr. Pear:

“A ‘nanner’ is a wonderful thing, its flavor divinely rare—

An’ skinny is better than bestest ever and yellow better still!”

But Pear said “Poo!” and “Foo on you! It’s green that fits the bill!”

Now, I’m round, it’s true, and hard—not goo—and have a leafy ‘do’

But I’ll knock the socks off you, hoo-boy!

A pear tastes as grand as you.”

The first banana thunk tolerable hard and screwed his peel into a grimace.

Ol’ One Banana’s face was mean and his dot eyes filled with menace.

But Second Banana’s feelings were bruised and he soon began to bellow:

“So I’m squishy an’ soft an’ sugary mush an’ mostly pretty mellow—

And bend when I stand like a humbled old man and folks call me ‘yella’

But I’ll never be second banana to the likes of you, oh no!

Not to a green ol’ pear like you!”

Then hands swooped down and mouths opened and all were gone in a gobble.

And if this tale has a moral it’s mostly not to squabble.

For red or green or in between a fruit is still a fruit.

And round or thin, or yellow or blue, no one gives a hoot.

So if you’re hankering to knock the next guy ‘round because he’s short or tall…

Just remember he’s no second banana…

No second banana at all.

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