As I officially begin blogging in earnest, I am reminded of how I got here. The reason is, quite simply, teamwork.

Now you might ask exactly how teamwork factors into a writer’s life. It is, after all, a solitary profession. But the truth of the matter is–in writing just as in life–teamwork is incredibly important. This blog—indeed this website—would not exist without the assistance of my friend Tony Tudyk, a steely-eyed code cruncher if ever one existed. I provided the concepts for the site, and Tony told me if they would work—and provided the inspiration for the look of the home page too. I provided the content; Tony made sure it worked on the page. I did the artwork; Tony made it look great.  So you see without the help of Tony and his staff at Frankenstein Computers (and that means you, Scott!), this website would not exist. And my quest to bring back the kind of golden age science fiction, adventure, and kid fiction that made reading fun would have been slowed to a crawl.

Thanks for the teamwork, Tony. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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